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Credit Cards


Get the option of paying for purchases over time without the pitfalls you'll find with other credit card providers.

Accepted worldwide, HOPE Platinum and Platinum Rewards MasterCards save you money and make it easy to make the purchases you need.

Even if you don't have perfect credit, you can still qualify for a card. In fact, using a secured version of our Platinum and our Platinum Rewards cards can help you improve your credit! With a secured credit card, money in your account can be reserved against your credit limits. And secured cards often mean lower rates for members with higher scores.

Now you can Design Your Own Card!


HOPE Platinum MasterCard

No Annual Fee Competetive rates Credit limits of up to $10,000 24-Hour HOPE Infolink online account access 24/7 toll-free member service Roadside assistance service ... Read News

HOPE Platinum Rewards MasterCard

All the features of the regular Platinum MasterCard, plus... The ability to earn points for everyday purchases Great reward offers to thank you for your loyalty Check out the Rewards Program h... Read News

HOPE Mastercard and Mastercard Reward Disclosures

HOPE Consumer Credit Card Agreement